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WOW! The best European waterless cleaner!

WOW! The best European waterless cleaner!

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Tim Glover

WOW sponsors Fiesta Championship contenda for 2017 season Tim Glover

Tim started the season well at Brands Hatch with two second places, if you would like to sponsor him and go to see him race send us an email.

Radio Talk Sport


Radio TALK SPORT stars love WOW!

On a recent visit to the famous Talk Sport towers to meet the country's longest running commercial radio show hosts Paul Hawksbury and Andy Jacobs WOW Director Steve Saunders presented them with a WOW Motor Cleaning Pack each and the pair were 'over the moon' with their gift and said they would clean their cars straight away!

  • Win WOW™


    How to Win WOW™ Waterless Cleaning Products

    To Win WOW™ please email us a photograph of you cleaning something out of the ordinary using WOW™. The most out of the norm thing being cleaned with WOW™ will be our NEXT WINNER. Happy cleaning!



    This is Steve who is going to Le Man classic car race this week end if you see his fantastic classic Lancia let us know by sending us an email saying where you saw him and you could win a years supply of WOW!

  • Reviews


    The Caravan Club Magazine

    Find WOW™ in The Camping Club Magazine. Please download the PDF review here and read what they have to say about WOW™ Waterless Cleaning Products.

    WOW Winner

    Motorboat Magazine

    Find WOW™ in Motor Boat Magazine. Please download the PDF review here and read what they have to say about WOW™ Waterless Cleaning Products.

  • Endorsements


    Andy (Portugal) E Type Jaguar Owner

    I use WOW waterless car cleaner every time on my beautiful E type out here in Portugal. She gets admiring looks wherever she goes and shines like a new button. I have no problems with the heat and cleaning her just could not be easer I love WOW!


    Barry Briggs Four times world speedway champion

    Waterless cleaning with 'WOW is fantastic and it's nearly as fast to clean your bike using WOW as I was when I was racing, I love the anti visor fogger any thing that helps riders to be safer on the road has got to be good, it really works!'.

  • Caravan Club


    The Caravan Club

    The Caravan Club Members get up to 20% off fantastic waterless products. To take advantage of these offers, please login using the latest promotion code found in The Caravan Club Magazine.


    WOW™ Caravan & Motorhome

    Caravan and Motorhome owners have been neglected when it comes to a specialist product to clean, shine and protect their investments, until now. With over two years of development behind it, we believe that WOW™ Caravan & Motorhome is the best waterless cleaning product on the market.

  • The Facts


    WOW™ is Biodegradable

    WOW™ (With Out Water) waterless products, use unique biodegradable, eco friendly and non toxic solutions, to clean, shine and protect your car, motorbike, caravan, motorhome, boat, yacht, house, classic car, sports car or racing machine.


    WOW™ is made in the UK

    WOW™ is made in Britain where we have modern development and production facilities, enabling us to meet the ever growing demand for top quality, easy to use waterless cleaning products, that give the best results with the least effort.

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Customer Testimonial

"Hi, I just has to contact you to praise your product, wow motor cleaner, I used it for the first time last  week on my black car and couldn't believe how easy and brilliant it is. I have used it all over my house and my mothers house too, everything from the microwave to door handles in our houses are gleaming and have stayed that way  I am wanting to try your house proud product and was wondering if you done a sample bottle?

Fantastic product it's amazing, I am recommending it to everyone that will listen!"

Thanks Joanne Graham.

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WOW! The best European waterless cleaner!

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